Property Styling... Is it worth it?

Property Styling... Is it worth it?
By Kathryn Dean

Property Styling... Is it worth it?

Property styling can be expensive, so is it really worth it? Here's my experience with it.

I had my own vacant property on the market for a few months. My agent agreed it was advertised in the right price range and in very good condition. Neither of us understood why there was little interest. Only three groups maximum coming to each open, sometimes only one person!

After a few months, with only one offer well below the asking price, came the dreaded question…. Did I want to reduce the price?? No, I really didn't… So I started thinking about how to improve the marketing. I asked the agent if he thought property styling would help. He said it might, so I arranged it. I asked the agent arranged new photography and to update the photos online. I also suggested we change the online cover photo to an internal one, because the front of house photo made the property look small. Just over a week later, seven groups through the open and an offer above what I originally said I'd accept!

So yes, in my opinion, it is worth styling an empty house. Styling helps people imagine the property with furniture, makes it more appealing by creating a comfortable and homely feel, and can even make small rooms appear larger. This minimalist, clean and tidy styling is what owners living in their property for sale should also strive for.

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Kathryn Dean
Residential Sales Specialist
Dean Family Real Estate